Monday, January 31, 2011

You mean Mountains!

Ran hills with music 8.20 miles / 9:29 pace

I have been dying to run all weekend and today I felt great!  I went and picked Crystal up and she said she had found us some 'hills'!  So we get out to where the 'hills' are and they look like MOUNTAINS!  Remember that where I am from it is dry, FLAT, and windy!  We usually have man made hills around here... so these hills that were out by the canyon literally were mountains! :o)  Each hill was right at a mile long so we got to run 2 miles of continuous incline and then one hill that is about half a mile!  So we did really good considering we have never ran out there and did not know what to expect!  

This is us before we started our grueling hills!!

Don't mind the great photography skills!

Crystal will have all the hill pictures because she has a nifty Spi Belt that she carried her camera in... go check out her blog to see our mountains we ran!

After running we went and picked up her cute little girl and went to Old Navy... she had b-day money to spend!  She put on her new swim suit over her clothes and was modeling it for us!
How cute is this!  This little girl is filled with personality and cuteness that will keep you rolling!! 

Well I have to return to school tomorrow after having 3 1/2 days off!  EEEK! 
Hope everyone has/had a great Monday and don't forget to vote for my poll!!


  1. Oh Maddox. That picture is HILARIOUS!! I'm so ready to be running with yall again!! : )

  2. awesome job on those hills...i mean mountains :) i am amazed by your self-motivation to run the incline for that long! it takes me days (more like weeks) to talk myself into a hill run...

  3. I saw the pictures on Crystal's blog and I am super impressed! You girls are awesome! I said on there that I couldn't believe you had the motivation to seek out hills, that is some real commitment to training right there!

  4. Good job on the hills! Hills or mountains as the case maybe are never easy to do! Congrats and keep it up. Hill workouts will only make you a better runner. Love the little girl in the swimsuit! Too funny!

  5. YAY on the hills!! I lived in FL for 6 yrs and we had to look for hills, now I live in Colorado and I want to avoid them!!

    That picture is PRICELESS!!!