Saturday, January 15, 2011


I think I have decided that I "Live for Weekends!"
  I love coming home on Friday from school and vegging out or going to dinner with John (of course after I ran 5 miles with the girls after school) and eating

having a whole basket of these (yes, pretty much all by myself)

3 bowls of this amazing stuff

and my fantastic bowl of ...

Oh yea, we can't forget the most important ingredient

I usually feel guilty when I stuff my face with all my favorite things... but NOT last night!  I loved every second of it!

Where is your favorite place to indulge or just eat at?
I love On The Border!  My weakness is chips and salsa, and I absolutely love theirs!!

What do you do on the weekends?
I relax, workout, and watch t.v. or movies!  Kind of boring, but I like it! 

Wish me luck!  Tomorrow I have a 9 mile run!  :o) To be honest... I am really looking forward to it!


  1. I LOVE chips and salsa too!!! But I'm also addicted to espinca dip! Mmmmm :-) Good luck on your long run!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I love that you let you great dane sleep with you!! And, I thought my Cooper was big!

    I love the weekend! I time to unwind and I simply enjoy not having to dress up, catching up on DVRs and sweats!!

  3. New York PIZZA!! I could eat the whole pie! I also love TX mex. On the Border is great! Love their sopapillas :) MMMMMMmmmmm!

  4. aaaa, i LOVE OTB too!!! love the queso dip, chips, beer, and chicken chimichangas. ugh, im drooling right now!

    my weekends usually revolve around some sort of home improvement project and running/biking. rarely do i get to relax....grrrrr!!!

  5. Just found your blog from And I ran....why? I am so with you, I live for weekends as well! I also teach first grade, so I completely understand the need for running as well as some adult beverages.
    I like a lot of restaurants but my favorite indulgence will always be dessert, there's a frozen yogurt place in my city that's amazing (and fro yo is an indulgence when I cover it in oreos, M&Ms, whipped cream, etc). I'm a total homebody on the weekends, I love making a good meal and cuddling up with my husband to catch up on the DVR. And, of course, run!

    Sorry I just wrote a book.