Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm a Slacker!!

This week has been CrAzY and blogging hasn't been on the freezing brain (probably because I have no social life and when its cold outside I scream when I have to get out of my pajamas... soooo I haven't really done anything in the last 2 days except!!)  I have been trying to stay warm in our -5 degree weather!  Yes, you heard me -5!  I think that is as cold it has ever been here since I have been alive!!!! So I had to go school on Monday, Tuesday was canceled and then Wednesday and tomorrow are delay starts... which I am PERFECTLY OK with!  YESSSSSSS!!

I am sure some of you would laugh at us since we canceled school on Tuesday for this:
 This is as much our drifts got up to... because of the wind!
But, Boss had lots of fun playing in it with his manly scarf on!

I did manage to go to the gym yesterday and I did speed work.  I got all the way down to a 7 minute mile for one straight mile (and nearly died)... but that was all! The other 2 miles were at 8:34 minute pace.  Then I did the elliptical for 3 miles!

Is it easier to run faster on a TM for you rather than the road?
-Yes, because I know if I don't move fast enough my butt is going to be flung and I would probably be very embarrassed that I would not even turn the TM off I would just leave!

Does running on the TM hurt your road running?
-If I run on the TM for like a week and then hit the road I get shin-splints! 

Hope you have a great Thursday and don't forget to vote in the poll!!!


  1. 7 minute mile? You are a monster! I wont ever be able to catch up with you when I can FINALLY run again. YAY for another delayed start!!! : )

  2. The TM keeps my pace even, but I prefer the road!!

    Great job running!!

  3. I can't believe its soooo cold there! I saw it on the news and thought of you guys! I'll run in the cold but not that cold. A 7 minute mile is fantastic, you are awesome! TM is easier for sure, no wind, hills, ice, no cars trying to score points by taking you out, etc! Not sure if it hurts my road running, I've been trying to limit it to once a week, but mother nature isn't in on that plan so I guess we'll see. Enjoy your delay!

  4. Awesome 7 minute mile! I'm slower on the treadmill due to this fear of wiping out and hurting myself!

  5. We close schools here if they are just calling for snow! Awesome job with the seven minute mile! I think the treadmill is harder mentally but easier physically...but I'd much rather run outside.
    Have a great night!

  6. I love that your doggie is wearing a scarf!! That is so adorable! :) And good job on your speedy run!!