Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reality Check!

Ran outside 7.01 miles / 1:03
We are back in business tomorrow! 
What am I ever going to do in the morning when I actually have to
wake up to an alarm clock
brush my teeth before noon
shower before 7 am
wash and fix my hair
not lounge around until 11:00 AM watching Regis and Kelley
drinking coffee all day
working out when I want to
and doing whatever I please 
when I please!

I guess REALITY will surely set in tomorrow after my 2 GLORIOUS weeks off!

But lets be true here... I have been waiting for Sunday January 2nd now for about 3 weeks!  
I love me some T.V. Drama!!

Sunday night:
Desperate Housewives... Who Shot Paul?
  Anyone have any ideas?

Brothers and Sisters:

I have to keep up with Justin... I mean come on, that scruffy look! :o)
Too bad Rob Lowe had to leave... :o(

What do you think will happen next with The Walker Family??

Monday Night
Season Premiere of BRAD... The Bachelor
I think Brad is in for it this season... there are some crazy girls on his season... like the preview of the girl slapping him... WOW
Are you a fan of The Bachelor???
I am so totally and cheesy and love it!!

Tuesday Night:
Biggest Loser (This show always makes me cry)
Do you watch this show from the get go or do you wait till the last few episodes?  
I watch like the first 2 then I start watching bits and pieces then I watch the last 3! Woops!

Thursday Night
Grey's Anatomy

I only REALLY watch it for these two cuties right here! 
Who are your favorite people on Grey's Anatomy??


Don't worry, John is not the jealous type because when I am fantasizing about my celebrities he is usually fantasizing about her ALL the time... Thats why we go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Please someone tell me that I am not the only LOSER that watches this much T.V. and loves all the DRAMA!?!?!

What are your favorite shows??

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!


  1. I LOVE Greys Anatomy, Biggest Loser, The Bachelor, Mad Men, and 30 Rock. I'm a TV addict.

    Hope you have a good first day back at work!! I used to dread going back to teach. I'd tell Jonathan, "I hate school" when the alarm went off. Then, once I got back into the swing of it a couple of days later, I'd say, "I love my job!!"

    :) Go figure!


  2. BIGGEST LOSER!! I can't wait, it is my favorite show. I do think it's sad though when people get voted off.. :(

  3. Nellie- dis you watch The Bachelor? I think some of those girls were a little crazy! :@)

    Mamarunsbarefoot- I can't wait for tomorrow!!