Sunday, January 16, 2011

Running, being creative and wedding stuff...

This post is going to be like a book!  I will try and keep it simple! First, the good news is I ran my 9 miles!  I went out Sunday morning for a 5 mile run because I needed to be at the Bridal Extravaganza at 1:00!  Well, I headed out feeling really well!  I hit mile 5 and still wanted to run so I ran back by the house (mile 6) to drop off a light jacket, use the bathroom, and get a quick drink!  Then headed out for the last 3 miles!  I hit a mental block at mile 7!  It was rough, but I did it! My goal (after I decided to keep running) was to have 9 miles under 9 minutes each.  I kept that goal until 7.6 and I dropped back to 9:11 pace!  I am OK with that!!! I think...

9 Miles / 1:20:37 / 8:57 Pace

Bridal Extravaganza!
I will just say overwhelming!  They hold this event every year and it is where a lot of vendors come and set up booths and give you ideas, help you, and all that fun stuff!  There a lot of cake people there and were handing out cake samples... Way cute cakes, but the cake itself was not too bueno!  There was this cake and it was a box with cigars in it...I thought it was REAL and was going to grab one!  WOOPS! It was a cake!! Thats how REAL looking it was!!!  Since I already have my cake lady It didn't really matter!  They also had a lot of floral booths there.  Awesome flowers and great ideas, but this one booth quoted me $3000!  UMMM, I don't think so!  I think that is just outrageous, but then again I am not a millionaire!  So, I am sticking to my flower people I already planned to use!  They were giving away a free honeymoon!!!!! Yea, well I was like 1 bride out of 10 zillion there, so of course I didn't win!  I'm not that lukcy!! I did get a lot of ideas of how I can arrange things on tables and I got to meet with an invitation lady, hopefully, those will be in place as of Feb. 2nd!  
Ok, blah blah blah!  enough about wedding!


Last night (Saturday) John and I went to Hobby Lobby (love that store) and bought my stuff for me to be creative!  We bought a table last weekend at Lowes (I have been eying for a while) and it came with 2 lamps!  WHAT A GREAT DEAL!  John put it together and it looked kinda blah... or the lamps did so I foo foo'd them up!
Lamp Shade before... blah!
Lamp Shade After!!! FOO FOO!
My cute Lowes Special table and cute Boss!


When you run long miles, do you ever hit a mental wall or a running wall?
-I do, but not all the time!  Here lately, I have been! How do I fix it?

Do you do recovery runs?
-Sometimes.  I thought about doing 4 miles tomorrow at a slower pace.  Are you supposed to?

How often to you ice?
-My knees never hurt while running today, but after walking around for 4 hours afterwards I noticed my knees were achy?

Hope everyone has a great Monday!
Tomorrow is an off day so Body Pump and maybe some cardio!  :o)


  1. Great job on your run! The lamps are cute!

  2. Great job on the run, awesome pace! I'll try to answer all the questions!

    1. It's pretty rare but it happens, and the odd thing is its normally early on because I think about how I have so many miles to go. I try to do anything to focus my attention on something else, such as "oh look at the pretty blue sky". Sounds cheesy but it works!

    2. I didn't too much when training for my first marathon, I usually did some sort of cross training the day after long runs. I have been doing more this time around.

    3. Now after every run over like 5 miles - I just throw the packs on during breakfast.

    You are so creative - wish I had a little bit of that gene! Adorable lamps.

  3. Oh PS I was going to email you my super expert marathon advice, you know being a veteran of one and all, but I couldn't find your email on your blog, if you are interested, email me at

  4. Hi! I noticed you were following my blog (thank you!) So I wanted to pop over and say hi!
    Awesome job with the 9 miles- 8:50-9:30 is my ideal pace for my long runs! I sometimes hit a mental wall, sometimes not. I just try to start with a good attitude and tell myself this is going to be a good run! I can't really help much with the recovery run. I usually take the day off or cross train after my long run, but I am NO expert...haha. I rarely ice, but as I increase mileage maybe this will change..
    Have a great week!

  5. Woah, nice run! Are you sure you did 9 miles? That picture of your watch shows 999 miles (or maybe it was just blurry...hehe!)

    When you run long miles, do you ever hit a mental wall or a running wall?
    -EVERY TIME!! I thought that was normal :)

    Do you do recovery runs?
    -Nah, I just run whatever I feel like. I'm not strict or following any plan.

    How often to you ice?
    - Only when I feel like my knee caps are gonna fall off!

  6. Awesome job on your run!
    Have fun planning your wedding... cuz remember, that's what it's all about ;-)
    I sometimes hit a wall... but I'm not doing very long runs yet :P
    Still no need for recovery runs!
    And still no need for ice!