Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Days!

Growing up this was one of my favorite shows!! 
 Saturday I thought about this show while I was attempting my run!  I was in the mood, I had the energy, but then again I didn't!  Do you ever feel like this?  I ran 7 miles at an 8:50 pace... I was excited, but I also know that my endurance is not there to do 14 miles at that pace... MISTAKE # 1!  My first 2 miles were at 8:30 pace... MISTAKE #2!  I stopped at the house at mile 7 because I was dying of thirst and John was WEEDEATING!  After gettting a drink I automatically just started sneezing because of all the grass, dirt and nevermind the fact the wind!  So, I decided to quit!  So I cried, felt sorry for myself, cried to John, and felt like a FAILURE ALL DAY LONG!!!

After reading and debating on what to do I decided to get back to my marathon plan!  YES!  I am just going to start at week 5 and start from there and I started back to my 5:00 AM workouts... (It felt so good this morning)

* Build Endurance
***Have more Happy Days of running***

Do you ever feel like a failure when you don't accomplish something you know you can do??
-Yes, and running is one thing that I am really hard on myself.  I started running for time and not for ME!  Thats what got me into running was running for Moi!!!

 P.S. I ordered the Jillian Michaels DVD ... more on that later!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sock Party... :o)

1. Home from school (work)... Check!
2. Went tanning (I know, but I can't look pasty white in my wedding dress)... Check!
3. Pajama Pants on at 5:30... Check!
4. Catching up on DVR... Check!
5.  Boring Social Life... CHECK!

This week has been forever long!  So tonight John (which he has no idea yet) gets to have a SOCK PARTY!  I am sure he is going to be very thrilled!  This is what happens when you hate laundry and you don't do socks very often!

Yes, this is how deep the socks are!

What do you do with missing socks?
-I TRY to find the pair, but after a while I throw them away... gives me an excuse to go buy NEW! :o)

I have decided that since last weekend I ran a half marathon I am going to just add .5 or 1 mile every weekend!  So tomorrow would be 14 miles!  I am a littler nervous, but excited about it too!  If I run 14 miles tomorrow that will the longest I have ever ran!  YIKES!!

How did you feel when you first ran your longest run?
-I am nervous, don't really know why, but I am!

Have you tried the Jillian Michaels Ab Workout?  I am thinking about ordering it!  
Any suggestions?

**Hope you all have a great weekend!**

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Live Strong Recap... a little late

WOW!  Crystal and I left BRIGHT AND EARLY on Saturday morning (like at 5:15 AM) and drove down to Austin!  We made it and checked in to our hotel and then headed down town to the Expo!  The Expo was OK, it wasn't like the Rock N' Roll Expo, but it still had a lot of stuff just more chaotic!  

I did manage to buy so of these babies!
Thorlo Socks
These are the most comfortable socks EVER... and they kept me from getting Nasty Black toe during the race! :o)

We also got to see these cool cars called "Car 2 Go."  You rent these cars and go wherever, but if someone decides to rent one and your at the same place they can take the car that you rented and you have to get the next one that comes available!  Better not leave anything in their because you could walk in to get your dry cleaning and walk out and your car had been rented!  :o)
Thought these were really cute!

Then off we went to what we do best! SHOP!! Yes, we went before we ran the next day!  Woops... it's a good thing we are not Elite Athletes because I think this would have been a negative in their books!  

Sunday morning we woke up at 4:30 and got all ready!    I wasn't nervous about the race until we reached the parking lot!  I did great that morning.  I got up took all my jazz, ate breakfast, and semi-stretched.  I felt great!  
I am glad that I was prepared the night before because waking up at 4:30 and not being ready I am sure I would have forgotten something!

Heading down to the Capital

We started at the Texas Capital!  

The race was very challenging for me!  I am not used to running hills or lets say mountains like this race was designed!  Miles 1-6 were up hill and then 6-9 were semi down, but mostly up.  I was running a 9:05 pace the whole time or after I got out of miles 1 and 2.  The race was very crowded at the beginning and people were WALKING at .2 miles!  People were walking in the dead middle of the path so if you ran up on them you had to stop or hit someone on the side to go around!  After mile 2 it got better.  When I hit mile 9 I had to go to the bathroom... UGH!  WHY??  So, there was a water station at mile 9 so I used the Porta Potties and then jumped back in the race only to realize that the next hill was going to make me say a bad word out loud!  I started going down hill after mile 9, my legs were mushy, and I was mentally exhausted from the previous hills.  My pace started to drop down at mile 11.  The last two hills of the race literally looked like this! 
Crystal and I Post Race... I have raccoon eyes! 

Overall, I felt great!  I just now know that hill workouts are VERY Important!  This wasn't a PR and I am OK with that!  I had lots of fun!  I know I can do better and push myself harder, but I am pleased! :o)  

We got to go shopping again after the race and we found Crystal her dress that she wearing to my wedding! :o)

Just kidding!

Hope you have a great Thursday!! 
Tomorrow is dessert day at school (which I do NOT need)! 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

All About YOU Thursday!

Don't you love days like that! :o)

Tell me 3 RaNdOm, fun, interesting, or just anything about you!! I love to know that I am not the only crazy out there!

1.  Last week I went to the grocery store, parked, got out, and started walking in.  I got to the front door and was squeezing my thumb and index fingers together (trying to lock my car) realizing that I didn't have my keys!  Yep, I was the idiot that left the car running and just hopped right now of the car.  People were looking at me like an idiot!

2.  I CAN'T WAIT to go see Justin Beiber... I know I know, but I really can't!!!

3.  You already know this, but AUSTIN LIVE STRONG HALF is this weekend!!!
And. I. Can't. WAIT.

Just maybe I will get to see this dude here

Hope you are having a great Thursday! 
Just ONE MORE DAY!!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Late Valentines Recap

Yesterdays workout:  Body Pump 60 minutes
Today's Workout: Ran 2.7 miles/outside/75 degrees!

I am trying to keep my legs from over doing it this week since I am running my half on Sunday!  YEA!  


Valentine's Day is not a day that John and I go all out!  In other words, I got something and John did not... woops!  John was listening to the radio the other morning and he heard a commercial on Tech Talk that if you text "LOVE" to their number your names goes into a drawing!  John said that he had heard this all week long so on Friday he decided to do it.  Guess What?  HE WON!  I got a dozen red roses and a $50 gift card to a restaurant all for FREE!!!!
Pretty snazzy for FREE roses on Valentine's Day!  I was pretty excited and then I felt bad so I cooked him dinner AND I cleaned it up!  I didn't feel too bad after that! :o)

Do you go all out for Valentine's Day?
-Usually No
Do you like getting flowers?
-Not really... I want presents that will last! :o)


How many days do you take off before you do a big race?
-I have read that it is good to do 3-4 days prior... the last 2 half's that I have done I have at least taken 3 days off.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

WOW!  I have been really slacking on blogging!  So this post might be a little over board... sorry :o)

Yesterdays workout:  6.5 miles/with Crystal/music/ 9:05 pace

Yesterdays run was somewhat eventful!
We were about 2.5 miles out and we always want to run over to these baseball fields at this park, but where you cross at is always under water.  So yesterday, we tried jumping stones to get across and it didn't work out to well.  As we are turning around there was this guy that was driving across and he rolled down his windows to see if we wanted a ride across.  We both looked at each other and hopped in the car!  He was super nice and smelt really good (I know that wasn't probably the smartest of us, but we really wanted across to go run on the other side.)  We made it back across by taking another route!  

When we started the wind wasn't too bad, but by the time we finished this is what we looked like

Have you ever hopped in a car while running to get across something?
-Yesterday was my first!

My mom always gets us presents or something for every holiday. 
Halloween we got a gift card to a resturaunt
St. Patrick's Day last year we both got St. Patrick t-shirts
Easter we both have Easter baskets filled with goodies

So for Valentine's Day this year she gave us cookies and we get our goody bags today
These cookies are the best... so in other words they have already been devoured! 

Do you still get things for every holiday?
-Yes, and now I am getting married John receives things too! Its the best!

So next weekend is the weekend that Crystal and I will be running the Austin Live Strong Half!  I feel as though that every time I race I have to have a new outfit! So last night before going to Girls Night (more on that in a second) Crystal, Danielle and I went to Academy to go look at running clothes.  I fell in the love with these cute things
but, now I am going to have to get a tan because I am pasty white!  And, did I really need another pair of tempo shorts? :o)

Girls night was fun!  We all get together and laugh, eat, talk, eat, drink, eat and repeat!
I think I ate like 20 gazillion chocolate chip cookies...oooops! This is Danielle being a very good friend and getting everything for everyone else... this is why we like her to come to Girls Night
We Love you Danielle!

Today's Agenda:
-Go Run
-Get my Goody Bag
-Go see Justin Beiber (hopefully)
-Go to parents house
-Clean house (UGH)
-and watch my trashy shows tonight!

What do you do on Sunday's?
-Relax and prepare myself for another week of school!  4 more weeks until Spring Break!!

Hope you have a great Sunday!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where to go?

John and I are trying to figure out where to go for our HoNeYmOoN!  I have my mind set on Antigua!  

I mean, this place is amazing and we have looked into a resort that we would have like our own little cabin and our own private pool!  I have never been there before and I think it would be lots of fun, different, and of course the mushy gushy romantic! :o)

John on the other hand wants to go to Costa Rica!

I have never been there either!  They both seem absolutely gorgeous!  I guess I have this thing in my brain that Antigua sounds more 'honeymoonish,' if that makes sense!  

We haven't booked quite yet, we have one more week to decide! YEA!  Maybe I can convince him over the weekend... either way I know we will have a great time!

Where have you all traveled?
- I have been to lots of places in the Caribbean!
Which place has been your favorite?
-Hondorus was my absolute favorite... the water was amazing!

This weekend is the WTRC Race.  Its called the "Cotton Patch Run" Its a 14K on Saturday morning.  I ran it last year and debating to run it this year.  I need to do one more good long run before Austin, so I am debating on whether to run this or do a long run on Saturday (aim for 10-12 miles)!

Do you have a local running club?
-Yes, the races are cheap ($25 yearly sign up fee and then $5-10 a race) and I need to do more of them!

Well, I have to go catch up on my trashy celebrity stalking like Lindsey Lohan and all her drama over a necklace!

What was she thinking stealing a necklace that she "thought was loaned out," and what did she wear for her court appearance today... Oh My!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nastiness go away!

Spin Class 60 minutes... I hate it when I am in there, but feel great when I leave!! 

Lately, I can not get well.  These past two weeks have not been good.  After getting over strep and ruining one weekend, this past weekend I pick of these little guys in my chest. BLAH!  
I am now starting to get over it, but now we have another chance of snow!!!!! When I got out of spin the weather app said it felt like -5! UGH!  Why?  I can't go from 50's to -5 in 2 days! 

Crystal and I are running the Austin Live Strong Half in 12 days.

I have read a few peoples blogs that said they were running in it!  YEA!! I can't wait to get my run on in Austin. Crystal and I are also going to be doing a little bit of this also...

I don't feel near as guilty going shopping because it will 'reward' my hard work in running! YEA! And John can't get too mad if I spend too much because its a 'reward,' right? :o)

What do you do to reward yourself of hard work?
-EAT and SHOP... I am sure I will win Danielle's Muffin Top award after binge eating in Austin!

Is anyone else running the Austin Live Strong?

Hope everyone has an awesome Wednesday... I am off to go OD on Vitamin C and get in bed!  YEA!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why so fast...

Saturday workout: 6.3 miles/outside/music/with Crystal/8:49 pace

My run Saturday was great.  The weather was a tad bit chilly and windy, but I felt great, my legs were awesome thanks to my Beta Alanine.  I took a Gu before we started and then I took another one 45 minutes into it.  Music has helped me lately (I haven't ran with music in months) because I get REAL involved in my songs (which takes my thoughts off of my why I run) and sing out loud... its a good thing no one can really hear me! :o) 

I am sick of WINTER WEATHER!  I want my sun and I want my streets dry so I can go run!!!! We had a few ice spots yesterday, but nothing too bad which means Tayler didn't fall while running! Well, I was getting out of my moms car yesterday and I step out and BOOM... I looked like somebody from Wipe Out!   Hurt my knee, got my Coach purse dirty, and my pants... it was not pretty!

So This weekend was the moment of meeting the in laws.  Not me, but my parents.  My mom and Johns mom have met a couple of times, but the dads have never met!  I was a littler nervous but everything went well and they all loved each other!  YEA... one big happy family! Wait, we still have the wedding to get through!Oh and... my WEDDING DRESS FIT!!!! YEA!  John's parents came down so that our moms could come with me to try on my wedding dress!  I love it!!!

Go give Angie a shout out for running 20 miles on the treadmill... She is a hero because I can't stand the treadmill so I look up to anyone that can do more than 5 miles in the treadmill... Awesome job Angie and great pace!!!! You are going to do amazing at the Lincoln Marathon!

How was your weekend?
-Too Fast!  I just want it to SLOW down for once!

Were you nervous when your family met your future in-laws, or boyfriends parents?
-A little nervous, but it went great! 

Friday, February 4, 2011


I got home from school yesterday and my SWEATY BANDS were in!  HECK YEA!!!!! I was pretty darn excited that I ran to the bedroom like a little girl to play dress up

 This was the cute pink one I ordered 
I received them pretty quick and I was SUPERRRR excited about that! This is the cute black one!

So Crystal and I decided to do spin last night!  We show up and there is a new instructor! I was thinking it was going to be like last time and we have a FEW breaks where I can get a drink of water... ummm not no much!  
Don't you love how we take picture of ourselves in class... its a good thing that the instructor didn't see us because he would have yelled at us! :o)  I wore my Sweaty Band and it did not budge!

His upbeat music was continuous and I literally felt like I was on The Biggest Loser with Jillian yelling at me
but in a good way!  He was very good and I got a great workout, but at one point I sat down because my legs were dead and he yelled "GET UP, FASTER" so I NEVER thought about sitting down again!! The  song "Don't Cha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me" came on and you better believe it... Crystal and I busted out singing it!!!
 It was a great class and I am glad that I had an instructor that pushed me and made me timid of him... just a little AND we found Danielle a MAN!! HECK YEA BABY! He has everything except the hair going on! 
I love you Danielle!

I hope you all had a great Friday!
Have you ever had an instructor that pushed you harder???
-Last night was my first!!!!  It made me feel better when I left and I don't regret eating Girl Scout Cookies today!

Would you ever go on a blind date or have you?
-Never... I found mine and LOVE HIM VERY MUCH!! :o)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm a Slacker!!

This week has been CrAzY and blogging hasn't been on the freezing brain (probably because I have no social life and when its cold outside I scream when I have to get out of my pajamas... soooo I haven't really done anything in the last 2 days except!!)  I have been trying to stay warm in our -5 degree weather!  Yes, you heard me -5!  I think that is as cold it has ever been here since I have been alive!!!! So I had to go school on Monday, Tuesday was canceled and then Wednesday and tomorrow are delay starts... which I am PERFECTLY OK with!  YESSSSSSS!!

I am sure some of you would laugh at us since we canceled school on Tuesday for this:
 This is as much our drifts got up to... because of the wind!
But, Boss had lots of fun playing in it with his manly scarf on!

I did manage to go to the gym yesterday and I did speed work.  I got all the way down to a 7 minute mile for one straight mile (and nearly died)... but that was all! The other 2 miles were at 8:34 minute pace.  Then I did the elliptical for 3 miles!

Is it easier to run faster on a TM for you rather than the road?
-Yes, because I know if I don't move fast enough my butt is going to be flung and I would probably be very embarrassed that I would not even turn the TM off I would just leave!

Does running on the TM hurt your road running?
-If I run on the TM for like a week and then hit the road I get shin-splints! 

Hope you have a great Thursday and don't forget to vote in the poll!!!