Thursday, January 13, 2011

Splenda, Coffee, Milk....

"See a packet pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck!" - My Splenda Packet from this morning

This morning I was already in a gripy mood because at 3:30 this morning Boss decided to kick me off the bed!  Yes, I know its my fault for letting a 106 pound dog sleep with us in a queen size bed!  But he snuggles and is soo warm and just so cute!  So I have been up since 3:30 this morning dealing with him because he cries at the thought of you putting him in his crate! UGH!
So... I laid in bed as long as I could pushing snooze and finally at 6:20 I roll out of bed and get in the shower... Well, John used ALL the hot water! I finish my semi-warm shower  and get ready and then I (thought) I had a cute outfit picked out and John informed me that my shoes did not match very well... so that just annoyed me!  He leaves and I am now running late to school.  I have to have coffee in the morning so I make it (I have a Keurig Coffee maker its the BEST) and while its making I pour my glass of milk.  I am getting ready to prep my coffee and I pour my splenda packet in my MILK!  UGH!!! I had to start ALL over!! It's 7:15 now and keep in mind that it takes 20-25 minutes to get to school and I need to be there BEFORE 7:45!  I get everything done, shut Boss's crate and walk out of the door! Forgetting to unplug the straightner (that John called to remind me), and turn the alarm on! 7:18 now!  Minutes are just flying by!  I get out go in unplug the straightner and turn the alarm on and walk into school at 4:42! YEA!!

I don't think my Splenda packet was very lucky this morning, but I did have coffee this morning! :o)

Do you ever have mornings like this?
More often than not! I am very clumsy and forgetful in the mornings! Don't know what I am going to do when I have kids!
Do you let your pets sleep with you?
Yes, and I know we shouldn't!  I hate when he cries for hours and I hate it when he is on the bed, but I don't know what to do!! HELP! 

I know my day will be splendid this afternoon because I get to run with girls after school!  YEA!  Its not too cold and the SUN is OUT!
6 miles here I come!


  1. We let Bosco/Junior sleep with us, and he always ends up sleeping ON MY HEAD! I end up having to scootch to the end of the bed where my toes have to hang off. Oh, lucky me!

  2. How funny! I wish I could let my 100 lb German Shepherd sleep with me but the husband takes up too much space. ;)

    I have a Keurig too! Don't you L O V E it?!!! Best coffee around. The Timothy's Donut blend is so good, not too strong but nice and smooth.

  3. It seems like we have a few things in common! I didn't even realize that when I started following your blog. I just searched for running blogs. I am also a teacher of 9th graders. I think running and teaching go hand in hand because at the end of the day, I need to run off all that stress!

  4. So jealous you have people to run with in sunny daylight no less! We just got a Keurig and it's so great! I try to limit my mornings like yours, but alas they happen far too often. Once we had kids, the 100 pd. dog and 60 dog were banned from the bed and the couch. Just not room for all of us.

  5. If I do recall, when you got out of the shower and the steam came pouring out of the bathroom I said "looks to me like you had enough hot water." To which you replied "yeah, it was fine." :-)

    Love you babe.