Thursday, January 6, 2011

All About... YOU!!

Ok... I think I am going to make Thursdays all about you day!  Sounds good to me!

Tell me one or 1,000 things about you! 
Three things about me because you don't read everything about me all the time!
1.  I have a love/hate relationship for teaching!  I love teaching because I love my kiddos (duh!) and love my HOLIDAYS and SUMMMMMMMMMER!!! but I don't like my alarm going off at 5:00 AM!

2.  I eat all my food seperately... for example... if I have chicken, rice, and a salad I have to eat all of one thing first before I go to the next!

3.  I have to get my hair cut every 6 weeks and it drives me bananas when I can't get it cut!  Like, I will start trying to cut my hair myself!!!! NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!

It's your turn... tell me about you!!!

Hope you are having a fantastic ThUrSdAy!!! :o)


  1. Love this idea!
    1. I don't eat mayo, anything with mayo, or anything that looks like mayo. Husband can't even keep it in the house - I can't stand the smell or even looking at it. Grossest thing ever
    2. I once played a tree in the Wizard of Oz
    3. I almost became a professional musician

  2. 1) I speak 3 languages (Italian, Spanish, and English...dur!)

    2) I eat the same amount of food as my husband. No tiny portions for THIS girl!

    3) My favorite thing to do in the whole world is eat a big breakfast, then go back to bed :)

    This was FUN!! Might have to steal this idea for a future blog post :)