Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I got my high kicks going on!

Yesterday Body Pump, Today ran outside 3 miles then hill workout!

Ummm, did any of you watch the crazy, psycho, weird, girl show The Bachelor??  Because if you didn't... it was a great laugh!  I was kind of embarrassed for some of those girls because some were just flat out embarrassing themselves!!

I mean really, who gets a guys attention by doing a high kick AND then try to teach him how to do it!

Is this cute, funny, sexy... or just flat out CRAZY??

Manscaper... is there not a better term for her job!  I mean I guess you are what you are, but MANSCAPING?? I wonder what was going through Brad's mind when she 'manscaped' his arm?

I laughed out loud last night watching this show that John was out in the garage working and he heard me laughing so hard that I had to rewind so he could watch all the crazy girls!  Don't get me wrong there were a FEW girls that were normal, but I am with Crystal www.blingontherun.blogspot.com I could have narrowed down his selection real quick!  
But hey, it is a reality show... maybe I am just so out of the dating phase I don't know what you have to do anymore to get a man!

I think we need to have a show called How to Date a Bachelor?? What are your thoughts! 

Hump Day Tomorrow! YEA!  My week is nearly over and only 
9 more weeks until SpRiNg BrEaK!

This is something that one of my little kiddos said to me today 
"Ms. Huckaby, I have the yawns... I think I might need to go see the nurse."  Too Cute :o)

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