Saturday, January 22, 2011


Every Tuesday I sit down and watch The Biggest Loser!  I think to myself "how do they do it."  Well, last night John Man and I went to Barnes and Noble to look at magazines!  I bought the new Runners World magazine... (Love this magazine).  Well, it had an article about The Biggest Loser contestants and their marathons!  WOW!  

"It provides a dramatic showcase for the show's underlying dream-big message: that anyone - even overweight Cheetos-snarfing couch potatoes - can join the elite ranks of endurance athletes, so long as they're willing to push themselves. Push hard."

This article was just very inspiring to me.  I am in training right now for my first marathon and sometimes I have to ask myself "Am I pushing myself."  I go run and come home and sometimes it was challenging and then sometimes it was really easy!  I know that it is normal in the 'running world', but is it because I don't push myself hard all the time!  Well, today I didn't run my 5K race according to my Runner's World Marathon training plan because it was 25 MPH wind and I WANTED to go to Body Pump.  I could have done both, but I chose not too.  WHY?  Now, its 8:00 p.m. and I feel guilty because I didn't go run my 5K.  I have followed the plan ALL week.  

So here is for tomorrow during my long run:
1.  I am going to PUSH myself HARDER (which was also my News Year Resolution)
2.  If they can lose all that weight, workout as hard as they do, then why can't I 
(Ada Wong you have inspired me)
3.  I have an 8 mile run tomorrow according to plan, but it might just be longer! :o)
Here is to my FaBuLoUs Saturday Night!

 I get to hang out with my FABULOUS and oh so HOT MAN!
 Snuggle with this spoiled cutie
 Got to eat wonderful Chicken Parmesan with lots of vegetables!

And eat this delish frozen (slightly thawed) fruit with chopped bananas that I added!  (I think I ate this all by myself) :o)

Hope you have had a great Saturday!
Hopefully I will still be hugely inspired in the morning as I was when I read that article!

What is your favorite running magazine or just magazine?
- I love all gossip magazines but my favorite running magazine is

Who has inspired you to push yourself harder?
- John and my family by far.  But when I read magazine articles about people and what they have accomplished also inspires, but in a different way! Does that make sense?


  1. What a cute doggy you have!! Good luck on your 8 miler tomorrow! Sometimes before I go for a run, I read running blogs--it really motivates me to read about other people doing great workouts!!

  2. I have a real fondness for brain candy gossip trash. I am not allowed to bring it in the house, though. Gotta get my fix at the doctor's, dentist's and PT's ;-)

    My kids, and particularly my older daughter, give me loads of inspiration to be up to challenges, push myself, and be honest with my 'best' efforts in all arenas.

    Hope your 8 miler is inspired! You're inspiring me to do mine!

  3. I love your puppy! So cute!!

    I just singed up for RW, but I also love Women's Health and some gossip!

  4. I read that article too and I loved it. Don't push too hard though - you need easy days to recover from the hard days!