Monday, January 24, 2011

Addictions... :o)

Workout:  Body Pump and my triceps are STILL burning!!!

I am ADDICTED to a lot of things!  John thinks that I have a few problems, but what does a man know!  Lately, I have caught myself drooling over the thought of these things!  
Which I have every morning, but this creamer was a "seasonal" and I am not very happy this was my last morning to have it!

I eat for sure a bag a week if not more!!

This is my new dessert!  I have made myself stop eating so much dessert so in replacement I eat a spoon a night!

 and I eat it like this!!! YUM-O


I drink a glass every morning, but we buy 4 half gallons a week and by Saturday they are GONE! John eats cereal like its going out of style... probably because I don't like to cook at night!! WOOPS... does that make me a bad fiance?

What are some things you are addicted too?
- Food in general, but I crave coffee every morning I wake up!  I love it!  

Well, I am off the shower and go to bed hoping that I have a better day tomorrow than today!  I get to run hills with my BHC girls!! 5 miles + 6 minutes of total uphill time!! :o)


  1. I'm addicted to Sweat tea. oops! and I'm pretty addicted to trashy TV. See you for our run tomorrow!

  2. I'm addicted to any kind of nut. Almonds at the moment. MmmmMmm.. Dont you wish that they had those awesome creamers all year long?! Why must they be seasonal!!!

  3. My husband eats cereal like crazy too, we could easily go through two gallons of milk a week. I have a major coffee addiction and I am totally addicted to pumpkin lately! Eating it right now for breakfast and I have it in my dessert every night!

  4. I'm addicted to sweet tea, sour gummy worms, and frozen yogurt. I have broken my addiction to diet dp and hot tamales (only because of my braces!)