Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Race of the Year!!

Yesterday was my first race of the year!  I ran in our community running club race!  Loop the Lake... I did the 5 mile run and set a new PR for me!  YEA!
5 miles at a 8:46 pace!  I was pretty excited about it!  I am not used to running on concrete and more than half of the race was concrete!  I got shin-splints at mile 2 and then they were off and on the rest of the race!! 

Here is a recap of the race! 
 My GREAT supporters!! Love Them!

Danielle and me... I don't know what my hair is doing!

This is how we warm up!!! :o)

Take off!

 John thought this was cute... a little boy finishing the race with his daddy!

 I think this was starting lap two!  You can't really tell, but this was a steady hill! :o(

 Saying HI to my supporters!

 Danielle coming in for the finish!! 

 YEA!!! Nearly done!

YEA!!! I was on the last stretch!!

We dressed a little TOO warm, but you never know in West Texas!  It turned out to be an awesome day to run!
Danielle and I rocked it!  So proud of both of us!  :o)

Do you typically dress in layers???
Yes, but then I usually dress in too many causing me to get WAY to HOT!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic MoNdAy! I'm off to go cycling!!


  1. You did AWESOME! And so did missredrunner :)

  2. Great job both of you! I love your fan sweet!! Glad you got some cool action shots :)


  3. Great race!! Congrats on the new PR!

    I definitely dress in layers when it's cold.

  4. You rocked! Gooooooood Job!
    I gave you a Stylish Blogger Award...because I think you are the ish. but I shouldn't becuase you didn't call me on your way home from school today. : (