Thursday, January 27, 2011

Under the Weather.... :o(

My Thursday hasn't turned out exactly as planned! 
  I didn't feel to good this morning, but I made myself get up and go to school!  I made it until about 10:30 this morning and I was done!!!  Strep Test = Positive!  Great... Oh Well, I am spending the day tomorrow at home and I am going to veg out, eat ice cream and Roman Noodles all day and build my strength back up so just MAYBE I can run 10 miles on Saturday or Sunday!

What do you do when you are sick?
- I am a whiner!  Its a good thing that I have a loving fiance that takes care of me and buys me this!!

How long do you wait to go run after you have been sick?
 - Ummmm, probably too long, but I don't know!
 Well, Grey's Anatomy and my bed are calling my name again!
  Hope no one else gets sick and everyone
has a FABULOUS Friday!


  1. I hope you feel better. I missed out daily chat after school today.
    22!!! I'm so proud of you! : )

  2. Awww sorry to hear you are sick! Get well and eat some ice cream for me! :)

  3. that sucks, i'm sorry that you are sick, and wasn't greys a rerun again! wth!

  4. Being sick and going to work as a teacher is the WORST! Get better soon! I am usually chomping at the bit to run again but I just have to wait and see when my body feels ready.