Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Late Valentines Recap

Yesterdays workout:  Body Pump 60 minutes
Today's Workout: Ran 2.7 miles/outside/75 degrees!

I am trying to keep my legs from over doing it this week since I am running my half on Sunday!  YEA!  


Valentine's Day is not a day that John and I go all out!  In other words, I got something and John did not... woops!  John was listening to the radio the other morning and he heard a commercial on Tech Talk that if you text "LOVE" to their number your names goes into a drawing!  John said that he had heard this all week long so on Friday he decided to do it.  Guess What?  HE WON!  I got a dozen red roses and a $50 gift card to a restaurant all for FREE!!!!
Pretty snazzy for FREE roses on Valentine's Day!  I was pretty excited and then I felt bad so I cooked him dinner AND I cleaned it up!  I didn't feel too bad after that! :o)

Do you go all out for Valentine's Day?
-Usually No
Do you like getting flowers?
-Not really... I want presents that will last! :o)


How many days do you take off before you do a big race?
-I have read that it is good to do 3-4 days prior... the last 2 half's that I have done I have at least taken 3 days off.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!


  1. I think tapering before your half is super smart. You will be so thankful you did :)

    Do not go all out for Valentine's Day or any other "special" day for that matter. But I did bust out my spurtle! lol

    I like getting flowers ... but that's probably because I grew up in a florist home and did a little of that myself for a while. I prefer flowers outside growing, though.

    I think I took 3 days off before my marathons... but that was so long ago that it's hard to remember. I remember it being enough so that I didn't feel stale yet was chomping at the bit to run. It was a good mix.

    The roses and gift card sure made your VDay special... and how awesome that you cooked AND cleaned! I honestly don't know if I have ever done that. lol

  2. Your fiance did a great job for sure, and those roses are beautiful! Everything free is better. And now you get to go out on a fun free date!

    I am a little lame at Valentine's Day, I hate going out and dealing with the crowds and I am with you on presents that last! Flowers are fun to get though :).

    My last two halfs I only took one day off, but took it easy throughout the week. I think I only took one day off before the marathon too - I read its best not to rest too much or your legs could feel sluggish. Whatever works for you though!

  3. I have always tapered even with 5k's and I think it makes my legs feel nice & fresh on raceday!

    I never liked getting flowers...because they die and then they are gone!

    Good luck this weekend!!

    PS- Do you like Bodypump?...I have been too scared to try it at my gym!