Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why so fast...

Saturday workout: 6.3 miles/outside/music/with Crystal/8:49 pace

My run Saturday was great.  The weather was a tad bit chilly and windy, but I felt great, my legs were awesome thanks to my Beta Alanine.  I took a Gu before we started and then I took another one 45 minutes into it.  Music has helped me lately (I haven't ran with music in months) because I get REAL involved in my songs (which takes my thoughts off of my why I run) and sing out loud... its a good thing no one can really hear me! :o) 

I am sick of WINTER WEATHER!  I want my sun and I want my streets dry so I can go run!!!! We had a few ice spots yesterday, but nothing too bad which means Tayler didn't fall while running! Well, I was getting out of my moms car yesterday and I step out and BOOM... I looked like somebody from Wipe Out!   Hurt my knee, got my Coach purse dirty, and my pants... it was not pretty!

So This weekend was the moment of meeting the in laws.  Not me, but my parents.  My mom and Johns mom have met a couple of times, but the dads have never met!  I was a littler nervous but everything went well and they all loved each other!  YEA... one big happy family! Wait, we still have the wedding to get through!Oh and... my WEDDING DRESS FIT!!!! YEA!  John's parents came down so that our moms could come with me to try on my wedding dress!  I love it!!!

Go give Angie a shout out for running 20 miles on the treadmill... She is a hero because I can't stand the treadmill so I look up to anyone that can do more than 5 miles in the treadmill... Awesome job Angie and great pace!!!! You are going to do amazing at the Lincoln Marathon!

How was your weekend?
-Too Fast!  I just want it to SLOW down for once!

Were you nervous when your family met your future in-laws, or boyfriends parents?
-A little nervous, but it went great! 


  1. Skinnie Minnie (Love that name :))..

    I totally hear what you're talking about.. I think we all can pretty quickly draw into our memory that last run that just seemed effortless - it doesn't seem as though they happen often enough though, so it really makes me wonder how much of those "perfect runs" are really based less on our physical state and more on our mental state of mind.

    Of course, I could be dead wrong !

    Love the background of your site, btw :)


  2. My in laws met each other and it went really good...thank goodness. But my mom wasn't a fan of my husband for the longest time (like the first 2 years of our marriage...haha) and nothing is worse than when your family and future spouse don't get along so I'm glad everything went well with you!

    And I hate treadmill running but it's that or I suck it up!

  3. Thanks for the shout out!! :) That's very nice of you!

    That's super sweet about your wedding dress fitting! I bet you are really excited! I hear you about about winter too... Can it be over yet?! :)

  4. oh no!!!! not the coach bag!!!! and YIPEE for your dress fitting!!! isnt it the best feeling??!!

  5. Great job on the run - I am so sick of the ice too! I want spring! Trying on your wedding dress is so exciting :), and getting the in law meeting over is fabulous.

    I was pretty nervous meeting my in laws, they live 450 miles away from us so meeting them involved staying at their house for 3 days, so I was really hoping we would get along! My hubby and I are also different races so that added a bit of anxiety, when we were about 50 miles away I was like uhhh...did you tell them I'm white? Meeting for dinner is one thing, them seeing you in your pjs on the way to the shower is another! Luckily they are fantastic and we all get along great!

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