Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nastiness go away!

Spin Class 60 minutes... I hate it when I am in there, but feel great when I leave!! 

Lately, I can not get well.  These past two weeks have not been good.  After getting over strep and ruining one weekend, this past weekend I pick of these little guys in my chest. BLAH!  
I am now starting to get over it, but now we have another chance of snow!!!!! When I got out of spin the weather app said it felt like -5! UGH!  Why?  I can't go from 50's to -5 in 2 days! 

Crystal and I are running the Austin Live Strong Half in 12 days.

I have read a few peoples blogs that said they were running in it!  YEA!! I can't wait to get my run on in Austin. Crystal and I are also going to be doing a little bit of this also...

I don't feel near as guilty going shopping because it will 'reward' my hard work in running! YEA! And John can't get too mad if I spend too much because its a 'reward,' right? :o)

What do you do to reward yourself of hard work?
-EAT and SHOP... I am sure I will win Danielle's Muffin Top award after binge eating in Austin!

Is anyone else running the Austin Live Strong?

Hope everyone has an awesome Wednesday... I am off to go OD on Vitamin C and get in bed!  YEA!!


  1. I'm sad I'm not getting to go with yall, but I'm sure getting to be in Vegas with make up for t!! : ) You aren't even close to winning my muffin top award!

  2. Sorry to hear you're still not feeling well.. This weather stinks and definitely is NOT helping! That race sounds really awesome, wish I could join! But good luck to you! :)

  3. I sure hope you are feeling well soon!