Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Days!

Growing up this was one of my favorite shows!! 
 Saturday I thought about this show while I was attempting my run!  I was in the mood, I had the energy, but then again I didn't!  Do you ever feel like this?  I ran 7 miles at an 8:50 pace... I was excited, but I also know that my endurance is not there to do 14 miles at that pace... MISTAKE # 1!  My first 2 miles were at 8:30 pace... MISTAKE #2!  I stopped at the house at mile 7 because I was dying of thirst and John was WEEDEATING!  After gettting a drink I automatically just started sneezing because of all the grass, dirt and nevermind the fact the wind!  So, I decided to quit!  So I cried, felt sorry for myself, cried to John, and felt like a FAILURE ALL DAY LONG!!!

After reading and debating on what to do I decided to get back to my marathon plan!  YES!  I am just going to start at week 5 and start from there and I started back to my 5:00 AM workouts... (It felt so good this morning)

* Build Endurance
***Have more Happy Days of running***

Do you ever feel like a failure when you don't accomplish something you know you can do??
-Yes, and running is one thing that I am really hard on myself.  I started running for time and not for ME!  Thats what got me into running was running for Moi!!!

 P.S. I ordered the Jillian Michaels DVD ... more on that later!!


  1. You look way too young to have watched Happy Days! You must have watched it on DVD or syndicate or something like that. I, on the other hand, did watch it way back when it was 'fresh' ;-) Love that show!

    There is no 'fail'... only try try try again :) I do a pretty good job of letting go of feelings of failure and turning those times into "learning moments". Can't wait to hear your review of the JM DVD.

  2. I think you just had a rough day saturday! You will get back on it! Thanks for yesterday!! : )

  3. My Ripped in 30 has shipped... according to Amazon, I'll have it March 3. I'm contemplating taking the day off work so I can be there when it arrives. lmao

  4. Thats awesome! Next time, maybe try a camelback. I always make sure my runs are a loop, cause if I have to pass things (my house, my car, etc) multiple times I am more likely to quit early.