Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where to go?

John and I are trying to figure out where to go for our HoNeYmOoN!  I have my mind set on Antigua!  

I mean, this place is amazing and we have looked into a resort that we would have like our own little cabin and our own private pool!  I have never been there before and I think it would be lots of fun, different, and of course the mushy gushy romantic! :o)

John on the other hand wants to go to Costa Rica!

I have never been there either!  They both seem absolutely gorgeous!  I guess I have this thing in my brain that Antigua sounds more 'honeymoonish,' if that makes sense!  

We haven't booked quite yet, we have one more week to decide! YEA!  Maybe I can convince him over the weekend... either way I know we will have a great time!

Where have you all traveled?
- I have been to lots of places in the Caribbean!
Which place has been your favorite?
-Hondorus was my absolute favorite... the water was amazing!

This weekend is the WTRC Race.  Its called the "Cotton Patch Run" Its a 14K on Saturday morning.  I ran it last year and debating to run it this year.  I need to do one more good long run before Austin, so I am debating on whether to run this or do a long run on Saturday (aim for 10-12 miles)!

Do you have a local running club?
-Yes, the races are cheap ($25 yearly sign up fee and then $5-10 a race) and I need to do more of them!

Well, I have to go catch up on my trashy celebrity stalking like Lindsey Lohan and all her drama over a necklace!

What was she thinking stealing a necklace that she "thought was loaned out," and what did she wear for her court appearance today... Oh My!


  1. You can't go wrong with either. I have only been to Cancun and hawaii as far a tropical locales.

    How fun to plan!!! So excited to see what you choose!

  2. One of my favorite trips was to Moorea in French Polynesia (think Tahiti). So beautiful, so relaxing, not overdeveloped. We've traveled a lot to Europe but never to the Caribbean. We went to Florence for our honeymoon. It was amazing!

    I'm thinking of joining a local running club, but I don't know if I can make a 'commitment'! :P

    I think both of your honeymoon choices look pretty awesome!

  3. I think either would be so much fun! Can I hide in your bags? I'm sure John would LOVE for me to tag alone with yall all week. : )