Sunday, February 13, 2011

A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

WOW!  I have been really slacking on blogging!  So this post might be a little over board... sorry :o)

Yesterdays workout:  6.5 miles/with Crystal/music/ 9:05 pace

Yesterdays run was somewhat eventful!
We were about 2.5 miles out and we always want to run over to these baseball fields at this park, but where you cross at is always under water.  So yesterday, we tried jumping stones to get across and it didn't work out to well.  As we are turning around there was this guy that was driving across and he rolled down his windows to see if we wanted a ride across.  We both looked at each other and hopped in the car!  He was super nice and smelt really good (I know that wasn't probably the smartest of us, but we really wanted across to go run on the other side.)  We made it back across by taking another route!  

When we started the wind wasn't too bad, but by the time we finished this is what we looked like

Have you ever hopped in a car while running to get across something?
-Yesterday was my first!

My mom always gets us presents or something for every holiday. 
Halloween we got a gift card to a resturaunt
St. Patrick's Day last year we both got St. Patrick t-shirts
Easter we both have Easter baskets filled with goodies

So for Valentine's Day this year she gave us cookies and we get our goody bags today
These cookies are the best... so in other words they have already been devoured! 

Do you still get things for every holiday?
-Yes, and now I am getting married John receives things too! Its the best!

So next weekend is the weekend that Crystal and I will be running the Austin Live Strong Half!  I feel as though that every time I race I have to have a new outfit! So last night before going to Girls Night (more on that in a second) Crystal, Danielle and I went to Academy to go look at running clothes.  I fell in the love with these cute things
but, now I am going to have to get a tan because I am pasty white!  And, did I really need another pair of tempo shorts? :o)

Girls night was fun!  We all get together and laugh, eat, talk, eat, drink, eat and repeat!
I think I ate like 20 gazillion chocolate chip cookies...oooops! This is Danielle being a very good friend and getting everything for everyone else... this is why we like her to come to Girls Night
We Love you Danielle!

Today's Agenda:
-Go Run
-Get my Goody Bag
-Go see Justin Beiber (hopefully)
-Go to parents house
-Clean house (UGH)
-and watch my trashy shows tonight!

What do you do on Sunday's?
-Relax and prepare myself for another week of school!  4 more weeks until Spring Break!!

Hope you have a great Sunday!!


  1. Haha that's hilarious why are you going to see Justin Beiber?? One of my students brought in his singing doll so I just heard his song for the first time. I am terrified to wear new things for races, chafing is my worst enemy! I was oddly productive yesterday so today I am running and then getting coffee with friends, but normally Sundays are super busy with laundry, grocery shopping, grad work, cleaning, cooking for the week, etc....

  2. OOOH! You are going to see Justin Beiber?? Please share how it is if you go I'm dying to know!!! He is such a cutie!! Those cookies look amazing, your mom is awesome. I usually get gifts from my BFs mom. I get handtowels for every holiday. I got a Valentines candle and hand towel with puppies and hearts on it this time. :)

  3. Gosh, my hair looks like that even when I don't run in the wind! You are such a cutie! My kids have soccer on Sundays and this week my husband has been out of town. We just chilled after soccer and that's about it.