Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Best Part of Wakin' Up

Is coffee in your cup!!!!

Lately, I have been dying to have coffee!  I USUALLY drink 1-2 cups every morning, but this week I have been in the NEED of coffee!  It is really the only thing that gets me through the day and not looking or feeling like this...
I have a Keurig Coffee maker and LOVE IT!
Here are a few of my favorites!!!!!!

I now have the mini-Keurig Coffe maker at school... Thats a bad idea! :o)

Do you drink coffee?
-yes, love IT!!!

If so, how much?
-Try and limit myself to 1-2 cups a day!

Have you tried the Click Protein Powder that is coffee flavors?

-No, but I want too!
Skinny Runner says its delish!!!

*Happy Thursday*


  1. I can't do coffee... it makes me crazy... like I am on serious speed. It used to make my husband laugh when I would drink it. Really, really like a 'real' drug. But now it gives me migraines :(

  2. I don't drink coffee very often, but I like taste. With cream and sugar of course! That protein powder sounds really good...

  3. My coffee addiction is completely ridiculous. I can't function whatsoever without massive amounts. I don't think the Keurig would make enough for me. I would love to try the Click stuff!

  4. You get my vote for best blog of the day... because you put a pic of a hippo up! I love hippos!

    I don't drink coffee though. Blake is hoping and wishing that someone buys us a keurig for our wedding.