Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Away from my classroom...

Today has been a really good day!  Not saying I don't love what I do, but being away from your classroom for two days whether its being at a training or whatever... it is still nice.  Today I got to sleep in until 7 AM, get dressed casually, have an ENTIRE hour for lunch, sit and have ADULT conversations and not be interrupted, have a snack, leave at 4:00 and not worry about anything, and then I got to go to Wood House Day Spa and get an hour long massage, then I came home and ran (yes, I did that a little backwards, but Oh Well, it was sooo worth it!)

 If you haven't ever been to The WoodHouse Day Spa it is AMAZING!  I felt like I was a Princess! 
You should check it out!

AHHHH! I can't believe it is December 1st.  I still have so much to do.  I was one of those crazy shoppers on Black Friday, and I still did not get ALL of it finished.  Any good ideas of what to get for your mom? Last year I made my parents submit a Christmas list because it is so much easier to shop for someone when you have an idea.  This year they did not want to do that, so now I am STUCK and do not like it!  Here are my ideas:

Jewelry, not this hideous, but you get the point


All the season the Private Practice... I would love this for me hint hint!
Or a gift certificate to The WoodHouse Day Spa!

Tell me some of your ideas!!

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  1. That massage sounds amazing about now. Jealous of you!
    And I still can't believe you are one of those crazy black friday shoppers. NERD!