Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm Running a WHAT????

This is what I am running...

You can just call me crazy, but I am doing it!  I am running a MaRaThOn!  Can you believe it, because I CAN'T!  I have been sitting around all day trying to get motivated to go running in this crazy 70 degree and 30 mph wind!  BLAH!  Well, I got myself motivated by signing up for another half marathon.  I am running the Austin Live Strong Marathon in February!  YEA!  Then I decided to start following a marathon plan to run the Big D Marathon April 10!  I ran the Big D 1/2 last year for my first half marathon ever and I had a blast!  The race went by so fast and it was perfect running weather and the course was awesome, spectators were amazing and I just loved it!

My first 1/2 marathon!
Right before I had to leave him!


I need some advice... 

1.  I chose the RunnersWorld training plan any other suggestions?
2.  What do I expect running a marathon?
3.  How do I keep motivated?
4.  Why am I so nervous?

I am so excited, I just can't hide it!
Well, I'm off to go see my sister, she finally got here!

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