Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Funky Door!

Tonight it was girls night out!  All the boys went to a basketball game so the girls decided to do a wine night!  YEA!... I am all for the wine!  We went to this newer place called The Funky Door!  It was really neat, but costly!  Oh Well, it was great while it lasted!  You had to register a card to put money on and then you got to do a wine tasting... you put your card into the machine and you got to choose any wine that you wanted to taste!  It was great but the cheapest wine tasting was $2.50, and I mean it was a tad bit! After you taste a few... it starts adding up!  If you like the wine then you chose half glass or full!  It was really NEAT!  I would go back, but with John on a date... HAHAH, I wonder if we even know what a DATE is!

What are some of your girls night outs?

Here was us girls at The Funky Door!

Yesterday, I went to a new grocery store here in town and they make fresh bread!  I LOVE ME SOME BREAD!  Well, I got this kind called Vegetable Chop Bread... YUM-O!!! I dipped it in olive oil with herb seasoning and ate it with a grilled chicken salad last night for dinner!  

I have stuck to my plan so far for the MaRaThOn!  Tomorrow BHC girls and I are going to do an hour long run in freezing weather... Wish us luck!


  1. You gals look great all dolled up for girls' night! I think I would have rathered spent my money on that bread you brought home instead of the wine ;) LOL!

  2. Good luck with the run in the cold! That bread looks amazing!