Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good 'Ole West Texas Wind!

Holy Moly it's super duper windy today!!  It's a good thing us girls decided to go running this morning in 15 MPH wind instead of this 30-40 MPH!  I guess you can say lucky me... I live in Good 'Ole West Texas!  Today was our hour long run so we ran 6 miles in about 55 minutes!  Not too shabby!  It was at an average of 9:06 pace with wind and hills!  I'm ok with that for now!  

What has your weather been like lately??

Today, I went to do wedding stuff!  YEAH!  I am getting married in 6 six months to the hottest and greatest guy ever!  I am super excited to be marrying him!!

  So today I went and picked out all their tux's which are going to be brown with tangerine vest and ties; my bridesmaids are wearing halter top tangerine dresses with chocolate wedges... way cute!  Then I went and rented our rod iron arch and all the things that go along with that business!  Then I decided to go ahead and get napkins and all that jazz!  Ok, I didn't think napkins were that expensive, but I was wrong!  I spent over $100 on JUST napkins!  I thought that was pricey, but I don't know wedding stuff that well so I just go with it!  I think I am ahead of the game on my wedding stuff, but I know school is going to start getting busy so I have pretty much everything BIG all set up!  ThAnK gOoDnEsS!  :o) 

Were getting outside so I pray that we do NOT have wind like we do today! 

Tomorrow's Friday and New Years Eve! YEA!

Do you have plans for the New Year??


  1. Good job getting on top of the wedding planning -that color combination sounds SO pretty! No real plans for us tomorrow, but we may go out.

  2. Just going to a friends up the road, the weather is bad here. Awesome wedding plans!!! I bet that was fun.

  3. $100 for napkins?? Steal some from McDonalds or use paper towels :) :)

    I bet you are SO excited to marry your guy!! You two make an adorable couple.