Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Parties Begin!... Wooo Wooo!

Well, first off I typed in "wannabe" in the address bar and I accidently pushed enter and this is what I get.

A "wannabe" (slang for "want to be") is a person with an ambition to be someone or something that he is not. The term is mildly pejorative, intended to convey the foolish nature of the desire due to the incompetence of the "wannabe" to accomplish the goal.

It's OK, just rub it in... I want to be SKINNY RUNNER!

Anyways, tonight was our school Christmas Party and can you say F-U-N!  I loved it!  Well, of course 
everybody cool was there so how could I not!

It was a very relaxing and much needed RnR!  If you are a teacher or if ever were you know what I am talking about!!!
Love these ladies!

BHC Girlies!

So much Fun!

Smile!  Love these girls, also!

I think this is when I started getting snappin' happy!

and of course the menu... can't forget the food!
Only 1 full day and 2 half days and I am finished!! I know the count down... but I am totally ready!!
Hope you have a great Wednesday!!

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