Thursday, March 17, 2011

Road Trippin'

Tomorrow morning John and I are headed off  for our little get away!  We are headed to Dallas for the weekend!  YEA!! I am ready to get out of town!  John will be attending the 

Good Guys car show
 While I do what I do best...
Shop... goes back to my Unnecessary Spending

I am so looking forward to a great weekend of relaxing and just hanging out together!  

Tonight for St. Patty's Day I decided that I would make some dip! I made homemade salsa for the first time! It was pretty tasty!

I think I chopped my ingredients too much, but it was still good!

1 Sweet Onion
1 Green Bell Pepper
1 Jalepeno Pepper (without seeds)
2 Large tomatoes
Some salt, pepper, and garlic salt

While making a list of all my ingredients that I needed, I remembered that our grocery store, United, was doing the pan give away.  They gave you a sticker for every 10 dollars you spent and when you received enough stickers you got a free cooking pan.  I saved enough stickers (130) for this cool pan

Thought it was pretty neat for being FREE (well, technically it cost me $1,300) Hope its worth it!

I also got my reading material for tomorrow
I have to have my celebrity gossip!

Ok, I do not like sweet tea, but someone told me about this tea in a can that is half and half.  Its half pink lemonade and half tea!  IT'S DELISH!  So this is my NEW traveling drink ONLY because if not I would drink it EVERYDAY!!!

Do you take reading material on Road Trips?
-Yes, because it keeps me from bother John the entire time!

Do you have anything special that you eat or drink ONLY on Road Trips?
-I usually eat Cherry Sours, but this trip its going to be my TEA!

If you are running a race this weekend
Good Luck and have FUN! :o)


  1. Have a great trip! People, Runner's all you need is Fitness and you're set.

  2. I am so jealous! I am forbidden from bring that "trash" into the house... celebrity gossip mags, that is :( Hope your trip is wonderful!

  3. I want my grocery store to get in on that plan! I can't read in the car, I get sick :(. I used to have special foods I ate on road trips, but living 400 miles away from my family and 500 miles away from the in laws = road trips all the time = me being 500 pounds if I eat crap on all of them! I love Sheetz lattes though! Have a great trip, sounds like you guys will have a fun weekend of spending time together!

  4. Love your blog! I wish I could look at magazines on road trips but I get so car sick!

  5. I take Runner's World on all my road trips. My last road trip, had a Red Bull for the first time in years.