Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm Huuuuunngry!


Saturday:  Ran 5 miles with music
Sunday:  (total 8) 5 Miles by myself with music... ran by the house and picked John up for the last 3 miles (YIPPEE... he is running again and I am so proud of him! :o)
Monday: 45 min. Elliptical workout in the AM then Jillian Micheals DVD last night
Tuesday:  OFF


Ok, so I need some help!  I am running out of fuel when I hit about 6 miles!  My legs and my breathing are still great and feel like they can keep going, but I am getting sooooo stinkin' HUNGRY!!! Sunday, I ran by the house and picked John and grabbed some Powerade Zero, but the last 2 miles of that run all I thought about was FOOOOD!  I usually do GU, but I did not on this run!  I was shaky and miserable! 

What do you fuel yourself with prior to your runs?
-Lately, I have been eating a bagel thin with peanut butter 

Love these things!  Go HERE to find some great healthy recipes from their website!

Last night I did the Jillian Michaels DVD!  It was OK!  I am not too impressed YET!  The DVD has 4 weeks or 4 levels.  I started with Level 1 and it was super easy.  My complaint right is that I have to do that same workout EVERYDAY for Week 1 and then Week 2 is different.  I don't like constantly repeating something so after 2 days of it... I am kind of bored with it!  I can't say too much because John said "I don't know why you bought that, we have a gym membership!" WOOPS!  I think if I just skipped Level 1 and went to Level 2 maybe I would feel differently!  I looked at the meal plan that she provides it was really good, but I don't cook that much soooooooo!  
More feedback on this later!


is On!! (I cry nearly every Tuesday)

Who is your favorite Player this season?
-Haven't decided yet!  I think I like Moses the best, right now! 


  1. Mmmm love bagel thins and PB!!! Sometimes I do a protein shake before a long run and I've found I can run for about 2 hours on just water and after that I switch over gatorade.

  2. I can't help but be a fan of Rulan. He's just so likeable.

  3. ive been eating a PB&J sandwich pre-run and chomps during runs. it seems to do the trick....for now anyway LOL

  4. Reading this post made me hungry. I love Bagel Thins and peanut butter!

  5. Oh my god we are three weeks behind, I can't keep up with TV! I loooove BL though. I got the Jillian Michaels cookbook (Master your Metabolism) for Christmas and I have loved all the recipes I tried so far. I am shocked to hear she has an easier DVD - you must be in super great shape! I usually eat a sandwich thin with PB and banana before runs that are 10 miles or more. What time of day do you run? Maybe if it's the afternoon you are not eating enough at lunch?