Monday, March 21, 2011

Back In Action!

Today's workout:  Body Pump... I went up on my weights tonight!! YEA!

We made it back from Dallas... Lots of fun... and this is what it felt like all we did!!

Steak House that was originated in Alpine TX.  Super delish!  

I was ready to get back into town and NOT work out in this little bitty gym
Yep, that is right!  1  1980's treadmill, 1 1970 Eliptical, and 1 1930's bike that was out of commission! 
Let's just say working out was not high on their priority list at the hotel!  
Because your dying to see more pictures of ME and things that I bought!

I bought these shoes in one of those stand alone carts out in the middle of a mall!  These flips are so comfortable and they were made in Napol (or so they say) :o)
Reef Flip Flops!  Love these!  

What are your favorite brand of Flip Flops?
-Reef or Yellow Box... Love both of them!

Us at Chuy's!  

Well, we got home yesterday and picked Boss up at the Pet Resort and he wasn't feeling very good.  He came home and got in his crate and slept all night.  He hasn't eaten anything as of yesterday and today (he will drink a little milk and eat peanut butter with his pills).  He went back to the vet today and got a shot and some antibiotics.  He is running fever and still feeling like poo! So, he is not back in action!

Well, I am off to go catch up on my trashy Housewives of Orange County!
Would you rather hang out with 

Gretchen for the day

I would have to choose Gretchen... they are both the only normal ones on the show (well sorta), but Gretchen seems like she would be fun to hang out with for the day!

School and I are Back In Action and its kicking my booty!  Its 8:45 and YES, I am going to sleep!


  1. Glad you had fun in Dallas! That is a sad scene in the hotel gym! Haha! Love your new shoes!!!

    Poor boss! He looks so sad! Give him a hug for me, I hope he feels better soon!!

  2. Your shoes are cute!! Glad Boss is feeling better.
    And..I would rather hang out alone. Both of those girls are CRAZZZZY.

  3. REEF flips! I love mine!

    Those shoes are super cute... and your toes look great :)

    Hope Boss is back in action soon!

  4. Super cute shoes! I love eating out but after too much of it I can't wait to make my own food again! Looks like you guys had a good weekend away :)