Sunday, October 23, 2011

Starting Up and Signed Up!!!

I haven't looked at blogs in like forever and tonight I decided to get on and read a few and it got me in the mood to start blogging again!  I loved blogging when I did it somewhat "regulary"!  So here I am again starting back up (story of my life for the past couple of months).  I started a few weeks ago running again and I think I have that under control now (just maybe)!  I started back serious about 4 weeks ago.  15-20 miles a week!  YEA!  That is huge improvement compared to this summer!
Summer is great and all, but this is what happened this last summer... whoops!

  Today was my longest run since ummm my HONEYMOON back in June!  I did 7 miles this morning and it felt GREAT!  I loved every second of it!  BUT... for me to get serious about I have to have something to look forward too... so I signed up for The White Rock half marathon!

 I am pretty excited about it! 

Do you ever feel like you are always starting something back up?

What is your upcoming race?

What do you do to get back into something?

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