Monday, October 31, 2011

OHhhh Snap!

Tonight has gone like this...

That would be his pink pig that he has demolished!

To him jumping up every five seconds running to the door to scare off the trick or treaters (Poor Kiddos!)

To me "attempting" to make Oh Snaps!
 They are super easy to make and super delish, but of course I can't follow directions and BURN the chocolate... OH SNAP!


 1.  Lay out pretzels on a cookie sheet
2. I thought you use Hershey Kisses... NO!  You have to use Rolos!
3.  Put in the oven for abot 5 minutes and once you take them out DO NOT put them back in the oven... My Mistake! :o(
3.  While still warm put a piece of candy corn in the middle!

This is the way they are suppose to turn out


On another note! 
Yesterday when i sncuk out shopping while my hubby was alseep... I came home with these oh soooo cute things!!

Do you make something special for the holidays?
 - I attempt.  I always try to be FeStIvE, but sometimes it just doesn't work out!

Do you dress up for Halloween?
-Nope! Not anymore!  I'm old and boring! :o)

Hope you have a great Tuesday!
Tomorrow is a running day!  YEA!

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  1. Love the boots! I just had those pretzel thingys yesterday someone brought them into work. YUM!