Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Taking the Day Off?

This is how my day started...

*Slept in until 10'ish
*Ate breakfast and drank my coffee
*Oh No!  Its 11:30  John is about to be home gotta act like I have done something with myself
*Swept (really fast)
*YEA! John's home and I am still in my pj's (YIKES)
*Made Lunch
*John left
*Started GT training online (still in pj's and it's now 1 'ish
*Finally took a shower and ran some errands!

Did I mention that I took the day off... your probably thinking "don't you have ALL SUMMER!" Well, I took the day off from the gym.  Beth and I got up and ran yesterday morning and then I did spin last night... Oh.My.Goodness!  My legs were about to fall OFF! I am trying extremely hard to get back into my running routine, BUTTTTTT All I wanna do is lay out All Day and read my new Nora Roberts book!

google image

These two things go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly! :o)

So... since I am home in the summer it is sooo easy to cook and eat healthy (well sometimes) so I have asked for some summer recipes... I need more!

Today for lunch John and I had
 Mesquite Turkey Breast Sandwich with fruit
and then for dinner I made Sphaghetti

Do you grill out a lot in the summer?
-Yes and No... we get on our kicks... grilling is my favorite though!!

Hope everyone has a good Thursday!!

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  1. Sounds like a perfect day off! And mmm I love grilling in the summer. I don't, my dad does, and only once a week. Bummer.