Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The way I feel... or look!

I ran tonight pretty late or for muah!!  Later than I normally do.  So by the time I got ready and hit the road it was already past 7:30 and somewhat dark outside... I hate running in the dark, but I did what I do to get the running in! 

Today while looking on facebook I saw a picture and it soooo reminded me of ME!  This is exactly the way I feel!

Does anyone else feel like this? 


  1. Please go to my page and see all of my ridiculous race pictures. I look absolutely atrocious in all of them, but I embrace it! It's the feeling that counts, right?? I just keep telling myself that.

    Good job getting your run in even though it was dark. Wear that reflective clothing! :)

  2. That picture keeps coming up and describes me perfectly. Way to get the run in!

  3. YES!! Oh my God, this is perfect :)