Sunday, November 13, 2011

Small Town!

Today was my longest run yet on my training... 10 miles!  I woke up this morning and needed a little motivation so I read some Pinterest Fintess pictures!  I am absolutely addicted to that site!  I took off about 8:30 and it felt great outside.  Not too cold!  I was fine running with the wind and then I had to turn around at mile 4 and I was against the wind!  (15-25 MPH...remember I live in West Texas) BLAH!  My body was prefectly fine until I hit mile 7 and my eyes got a huge gust of dirt blown in them!  SOOOO I had to stop and get the dirt out and took a GU while I was blinking away!  Overall, my run was GREAT!  I felt great and It was fun!  My goal was under a 9:10 pace and I DID IT!  9:07!  So, while I was running I made some goals for my half in December!

1.  Try for under a 2:05 half! (which I know I can do... it is just the mind over matter)
2.  Not go to the bathroom (surely if I can make it 10 miles without I can go another 3, right?)
3.  Have fun and take in every second of it!  (I think I am going to carry my camera)

 I took this on the way to my parents house!  I know this is a money maker, but it sure does make for a ckoud of allergies!  :o(

That is dust above the cotton bales!

I had to go to my parents house today to join my mom for a craft show!  It was fun and I got some neat things!

 I bought some Mexican Pickles from this elder couple that are retired.  They were having a hay day today at the craft show!
  They are pickles with jalepenos!  YUM!  Tonight I chopped up 1/4 cup and mixed them in with half a block of fat free Cream Cheese and made a dip!  It was delish!!!

I love PASTA!  This was Mushroom Fettuccine!  I made Grilled Chicken Fettuccine with Green hatch Chili's!  It was super yum!  These noodles are cholestorol free and all natural! 

I love small town homemade goods!  :o)

If you raced this weekend, I hope you had *FUN* and ROCKED IT!

My count down starts for Thanksgiving BREAK!  T-7 days (school days)!  YEA!

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