Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The perfect survival Kit

Since I am a teacher this was perfect!

"Teacher’s Survival Kit: • Animal cookies for when your classroom seems like a zoo.• Band-Aids for when things get a little rough. • Chewing Gum to help you stick to it. • Crayons to color your day bright and cheerful. • Candle for when you are up late marking or planning. • Smarties because that's who your teaching. • Time Out bar because you'll probably need it by the end of the day. • Eraser to remind you everyone makes mistakes.• Lifesavers for when you've had one of those days. • Marbles to replace the ones you've lost. • Paperclips to hold it all together. • Pencil to "write your wrongs." • Rubber band to remind you to be flexible. • Shiny Penny to remind you that each will shine in his or her own special way.• Starburst to give you a "burst" of energy when you need it. • Tissues to wipe away the tears...yours and theirs. • Toothpicks to help you "pick" out the good qualities in others and yourself.• A prayer for you to say at the start of each day."                 

This pretty much sums up my day everyday, is it worth it?  YES, every second of it!  I love my job (working with kids) I can't imagine me doing anything else!  On another note!

I went running to night and ran a PR!  It was suppose to be a normal running night and for some reason I was ready to run!  I ran my 5K in 26:13!  At one point I looked down and was running a 7:50 pace!  YEA!  I have been trying to run my small runs much faster so that my long runs are a tad bit easier!  So far it has worked out!  This weekend I am running a 5K for a good cause!  Its going to be so much fun!  Not only because it's a race, but I get to run with some of the BHC girlies!

After I got my hair did and my ran I decided to reward myself with my favorite thing to do...EAT!
cucumbers and tomatos with season salt!  I made a meal out of this!! :o)

 I love Pinterst... there fitness pins motivate me! 

Have a GREAT HUMP Day! 

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  1. It can be hard to run a PR during training, so congrats. Sometimes I'll think about how my normal training pace would've been a PR several years ago.