Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Running Buddy!

YEA!! I. AM. SO. EXCITED!!!!!  Miss Danielle and I went running today at our old hang out (Mae Simmons)!  It was soo much fun!  I am so excited to have a running buddy!  She rocked it too!  It felt soo good to have the feeling of my lungs burning after an a hilly run!  :o)

Ok, so I am ADDICTED to Pinterest and I am so happy that my brothers girlfriend is too!  So over our dinner tonight we got to chit chat about it and talk about how awesome it is!  How fun is that? :o)

This is my brother and his sweet girlfriend on Halloween!

I tried out a smoothie prep thing I found on Pinterest. It is suppose to help by making a smoothie a lot less time consuming... its pretty handy!

I call it the Smoothie Prep
(I know, how original)

First you have to get frozen fruit that you like in a smoothie.  I bought strawberries and bananas from Target

Then I seperated 1 cup of fruit into individual baggies

Then I spooned yogurt into a ice tray to freeze it
 and I used just regular light yogurt (because it was what John man bought)

It was super easy.  After the yogurt froze I just emptied the ice tray and put about 3-4 cubes of yogurt into each bag.  In the mornings I just empty one bag of smoothie mix and add one cup of milk and Voila!  It was much faster than adding all of the ingredients in in the morning!

Do you do anything in the morning to make getting breakfast ready easier?

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  1. That looks delicious! I eat oatmeal with blueberries every morning. I set out my bowl, oatmeal, spoon, and measuring cup on the counter and put the frozen blueberries in the fridge the night before. I also have my coffee ready to go... just have to turn it on!