Sunday, April 10, 2011

New PR!

Yesterday, was the annual Arts Festival run with our local running club
WT Running
There was a 2 mile and a 15K!  I did the 2 mile with John and I ran an 8:05 pace, first in my age group!  I was pretty darn excited about that because I have NEVER run  that fast!! My goal was sub 16 minutes, but I am happy with 10 second over that! :o)

John did great too!  He ran an 8:50 pace!  (So Proud of him because he has only been running for a couple of weeks now)! :o)

My dumb self left the camera at school (hoping its still there tomorrow) so there are no pictures, but the running club will post some so MAYBE I can snag some from them!!!

Off to do my Sunday Funday agenda
- Run 
-sweep and mop floors... BLAH
- Clean Bathrooms... DOUBLE BLAH
-Laundry... I need a house cleaner!
-Grocery shopping
-Submit Grades... CHECK!

Have a great Sunday! :o)
If you ran the Big D Race Good Luck and I know you are going to do AWESOME!


  1. Congrats on your PR!!! That is excellent AND an age group win!!! Good luck with the cleaning today.. I need to do that too. :(

  2. Great job!!! That is so exciting!

  3. Congratulations--that's a great time!
    Sunday is not sounding so funday with all the cleaning!

  4. Wow, awesome job! That is so exciting! (The running, not the cleaning).

  5. Wooo hoooo! Go you that is awesome! Your sunday sounds just like my typical sunday - I need a maid too!

  6. Congrats on the PR and age group win! Awesome!

  7. CONGRATS!! I'm so jealous of your pace!!