Thursday, June 16, 2011

Texas Tech Lunar Lope 5K

Last night was the Texas Tech Lunar Lope!  John, Boss and I got there at 8:30 to pick up my t-shirt and then waited around until 10:00 for the race to start!  I have NEVER ran a race that I didn't have a bib number or anything and I wasn't 'running' an actual race.  It was just a *FUN* run!  I kind of liked it!  I ran for me! I haven't ran much lately (like in the last 4 weeks) so it was fun just to get out and run!  The race was around the Tech campus!  The moon was really neat last  night!
 The neat shirts we got!!
 Me and one of my best supporters, Boss!!
 We all wore these neat little glow stick bracelets!!
 My Best Supporters!!!
 The Moon right before we started!!

Have you ever ran a "fun" run?
-First one and I like it!

Have you ever ran a race at night?
-First time last night and it was fun, still hot, but fun!

Ok, I want some ideas of some summer dinners!
Tonight we are grilling tilapia!
What are some of your summer recipes?


  1. I have never run a night run or a fun run. Those t-shirts do look pretty cool!

  2. I have never run a night race, but I have done a "fun run" without any official results. Looks like so much fun!

  3. Oh how fun, I want to run a race at night!

  4. That looks really fun! I totally forgot about that eclipse :P