Sunday, May 1, 2011

Homestretch! and randomness!

Yes, that is right!  I am in the homestretch...

 33 days until I am getting married!  
My life has been super, duper, CrAzY!  This weekend I had another shower in my finances hometown Amarillo, Texas! It was great and again we were BLESSED beyond measures!
 My wonderful hostess!
The cupcakes were the BEST!
Me, before we left!

I have "The List" or that is what I call it... all the things that HAVE to get done! (I am sure there is ALOT more to add, but my brain is fried)

1.  Finish making the programs
2. Mail out invitations (tomorrow)
3. Write more Thank You's
4.  Meet with the flower people (tomorrow)
5.  Meet with the cake people (Tuesday)
6.  Buy Flower Girl flip flops to decorate them
7.  Meet with John's cookie people
8.  Get my house back together
9.  Bridal Portraits are TUESDAY!!!
10.  REMEMBER that I HAVE to WORKOUT in MIX of ALL of THIS!!!
11.  Don't hurt my mother in next couple of weeks!!

My next couple of weekends are GONE... I am getting really nervous about getting all the details worked out!

*This coming weekend, John is leaving to go to a Bachelor Party*Then the next weekend is my Bachelorette Party
*Then John is in a wedding
*This we have something the last weekend in May, but can't think

Then its our BIG DAY!!

I haven't been working out that much because I feel like I don't have time, but in all honesty its because I look like this by the end of each day
and all I want to do is use this

Someone please tell me that this is normal to be completely stressed out at this point?

Did anyone fight or argue with yoour mother while wedding planning
Hope you all had a great weekend and have an AWESOME WEEK!
P.S. I am off until Wednesday!  :o)


  1. LOL... normal!

    No fighting with my mom... we only had 6 weeks to plan the whole thing and we did it all ourselves. It was intense... but great :)

    Remember... it IS going to happen... even if things aren't "perfect" it'll still be the BEST!

  2. Totally normal, don't worry. I had the smallest, simplest of weddings and I was still stressed. My mom and i had our moments, too...

  3. Wow only 33 more days!! It's so close!! How exciting! The shower looked like it was lovely! :)

  4. hahahahahha. Don't forget scheduling in time to run (hopefully) with me. It will be no worries!
    I'm so excited for May 14th!!!!!!!

  5. Your dress is adorable! And definitely normal... soon the big day will be here!

  6. Totally normal to be overwhelmed... and that's just with teaching! Can't wait to read all about your wedding!