Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Yesterday:  Ran 6 miles outside/breezy/music/NO GARMIN! :o)
Today: Ran drove all over town getting things done started at 7:30 this morning! :O) 

I had SUPER fun today!  I have taken off the last 2 days of school to do wedding 'things'!  Today, I got my bridal portraits done!  YIPPEE!  I have truly enjoyed pampering myself and getting pampered today!  I could do this everyday!  (Just 3 more weeks and I can for 2 WHOLE months!) Sneak Peak coming Soon

Well, today I cheated!  It has been 1 year 5 months since I have had a Diet Coke!  Today, I was desperate for one!  Sooooo, I went to Taco Villa and got a vanilla Diet Coke... My FAV!

Taco Villa
I felt so guilty after drinking about 1/3 of it that I threw it away!  GRRR! Don't you hate when you do that?  Then to top it all off, I rewarded myself after a long stressful day with lots of pampering with one of these gourmet, mouth watering, delish Cup Cakes from The Cakery!  They are doing my wedding cake also! 
google images
Mine was actually a vanilla cupcake with cream cheese frosting... DELISH, but I gobbled it up too quick before I could snap a picture!  Whoops! 

Do you ever feel guilty about eating or drinking something that you gave up a long time ago?
-Yes, I feel super guilty.  I also, think that it is ok to have one every once in a while! 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Mmm cupcakes!! I have lots of foods i feel guilty for but I usually gobble them done anyways :)

  2. That cupcake looks delicious!! And I'm like the other commenter... I feel guilty but I eat the whole thing anyway!

  3. I try not to feel guilty about anything--but no food is completely off limits to me. Besides, you only had a bit and then threw it out--no biggie!
    Oh, I love cupcakes, so pretty!

  4. Your willpower is impressive! I have a bunch of stuff that I've declared myself banned from and feel totally guilty if I give in....maybe not the healthiest attitude but it's true!