Sunday, November 28, 2010

YEA!! First Post Ever!

Ok, I am sooo new this blogging business!  After laying around this morning and getting a text from a running buddy that Baron Batch commented on her blog it hit me... That would be so neat to start blogging... nevermind the fact that I love reading Skinny Runners blog (like everyday, I mean every hour... Ooops!)  So since I am so new to this I will keep this first post short and simple. 

John and Me! :o) Love Him!

Tom, John and Me!

I just got back from Amarillo visiting my future-in-laws for Thanksgiving!  We had a great time!  John, Tom, and I woke up and ran The Turkey Trot in sub-freezing weather!  YES, IT WAS FREEZING, there was even black ice on one hill that we had to run up!  It was fun, cold, and fast!  We are back home and John spent the last 2 days putting up Christmas lights on the house! HAHAHA! I laugh out loud because it was soo funny!  He got all finished Friday night and we all gather outside like the Griswald's (spelling??) and plugs them in and only ONE measly old red light works!  It was sad and down right funny!  But, I give him props it was his first time putting up Christmas lights by himself! I decorated the house or semi-decorated the house and tree because my baby (Great Dane Puppy, Boss) would take everything down as soon as I got it up... UGH!  So I had to give a few things up this year due to him, but Oh Well!  My favorite day of the year is probably BLACK FRIDAY, not because of the deals but because it allows me to wake up EARLY just to go SHOP!  I mean come on, it doesn't get any better than shopping at 2:30 AM!

Still working on the lights :o)

Boss Man!

So tell me, what is your favorite time of this year?... Shopping, decorating, baking, eating, etc...

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  1. Getting 2 weeks off for Christmas would be my favorite! I'm always down for eating but I HATE it that it has been cold and windy. NOT fun to run in.